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ANL Container Hire & Sales will help you select the perfect shipping container to purchase. We offer:

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Shipping Containers at Wholesale Prices
If you are a large volume user or a reseller of shipping containers, contact us on 1300284896 for the best wholesale prices in Australia.

Advantages of Buying A Shipping Container

ANL Container Hire & Sales stock various grades and sizes of shipping containers for sale and hire at its depots across Australia. We can locate the perfect container to suit your unique requirements.

A Cost-Effective Choice

Buying or hiring a shipping container gives you plenty of freedom to use it for whatever purpose you like for as long as you like. When a project is ongoing, delayed or may stretch out for an unknown period of time, it may be more economical to buy a shipping container than hire one.

Shipping containers for sale : Freedom

Customers who buy a shipping container rather than hire one are able to modify their container in any way they choose. You may wish to have windows or doors fitted, or it could be painted in your company’s colours or have your logo or slogan added to the exterior. Owning it gives you the freedom to carry out shipping container modifications and conversions such as turning it into a site office or mobile kitchen. Whatever you do with your container is completely up to you.

Multiple Uses

Buying a shipping container gives you a permanent storage solution for the changing requirements of your home or business. Container owners have discovered many uses such as:

  • General storage
  • Furniture storage
  • Household goods
  • Recreational equipment storage
  • Archive boxes
  • Bases for custom-built projects
  • Construction site safes

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Should I Consider Buying a Used Container?

Shipping Containers For Sale, buy shipping container, sea container sale, buy  sea containerANL Container Hire & Sales stocks a broad range of used shipping containers for sale at its depots across Australia.

Advantages of Used Containers

Many businesses overlook the cost-effective option of buying a used shipping container as a solution to their transportation or storage requirements. Second-hand containers can offer all the advantages of a new model at just a fraction of the price.

Alternative Uses

The age and condition of the container will affect its price and how it can be reused. The more expensive premium grade containers are in very good condition, and are clean, fully welded and without any surface damage – perfect for shipping food and other consumables. Older used shipping containers for sale such as as B and C grade are not as visually appealing but may be suitable for other purposes such as storage. NOR (non-operating reefer) shipping containers that are no longer useful for transporting refrigerated food are highly sought after in other industries for their insulation properties.

Recycling Saves Resources

Reusing old shipping containers saves the raw materials and power that would be used in the manufacture of new ones. With power prices rising and resources being finite, it is important to recycle used shipping materials across the globe.

How Does the Grading System Work?

ANL Container Hire & Sales has a range of new and used shipping containers for sale. Containers are graded according to their quality and condition.


A new unit, which was manufactured in the current or previous year.

AYesVery GoodMinorMinorGoodTransport or Storage
BYesGoodMediumMediumGoodTransport or Storage
CYesMediocreMedium to HeavyMedium to HeavyN/AStorage
AS ISNot AlwaysPoorHeavyHeavyN/AStorage or other

Premium (Grade A)

The highest quality second-hand containers.

Premium containers are in near-new condition,. They are suitable as food-quality and export shipping containers. Premium containers are water and weatherproof; vermin proof; and have few, if any dents. They are clean with no rust and generally will function adequately for about 15 years without any repairs.

Standard (Grade B)

Good-quality second-hand containers.

Standard containers are suitable for household goods. They are water tight, clean and vermin proof; the door seals are intact; and rust is minimal and has been primed. They may have some minor dents.

Economy (Grade C)

Fair-quality second-hand containers that have some minor damage.
Economy containers are suitable for machinery, tools etc. Generally, they are still weather tight, clean and mostly vermin proof with the door seals intact. There may be some surface rust, but the container will generally be good for about four years without repair.

Refurbished Containers

These containers are repaired and repainted to meet your requirements.
They are sanded back and any dents are knocked out. They are spray-painted with a marine-grade enamel paint for a smooth finish. They are all painted light grey internally while a choice of colours is available for the exterior. Custom colours are available at an additional cost.

External colours include:

  • Light Grey
  • Woodland Grey
  • Royal Blue
  • River Gum Green
  • Mist Green
  • Oxide Brown
  • White (incurs an additional charge due to extra materials required).

For more information on used shipping containers for sale, speak to the friendly team at ANL Container Hire & Sales on 1300284896 or make an online enquiry.