Container Modification: Portable Workshop


In terms of the modification and creation of unique spaces, a shipping container presents itself as an idyllic blank canvas.  The versatility of shipping containers increases the potential options that come with their customisation, which can provide a solution to the challenges faced when developing a creative space.  Often these transformed objects take the shape of portable replicas of more permanent areas, such as workshops.

shipping container workshop v1

Whether it is in the form of equipment stores, plumber’s boxes, or an area with work benches or drafting tables, the customisable nature of these objects enable individuals to design their space to best fit their needs.  Shipping containers that are converted into workshops also facilitate the possibility to work on multiple temporary sites due to their durability and portability.  They are able to be moved from site to site which can lead towards a reduction in construction costs.  Furthermore, the build of the containers presents them with the ability to withstand the roughest of weather and working conditions.

Such benefits extend beyond the working environment, with the advantages of these customised containers able to be applied to home workshops too.  From a recreational point of view, the convenience of a converted workshop presents the ability to relocate the space between residences if a move were to take place.  This eliminates the need for the dismantling or renovation of a fixed workshop.  Not only this, but it also negates the need to find a designated space for a workshop when looking for a new home.  These factors can substantially save time and money which are often sensitive factors in any moving process.

shipping container workshop

Portable workshops also accommodate for an easy expansion if desired.  The design of a shipping container allows for both vertical and horizontal extension options.  This may affect its portability; however it is a much more efficient solution to building upon an already existing workshop.

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