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Shipping Container Wedding

Perhaps shipping containers don’t conjure up images of romance and beauty, but creative minds around the world have figured out a way to make them fit for a wedding, literally. We’ve seen the trusty shipping container modified to serve as pop-up retail shops, tiny homes, hospitals, and even swimming pools. Now, containers are starting to take their place on the biggest day of some couples’ lives. From portable bars to colourful backdrops, the shipping container wedding trend is beginning to make its mark on weddings and engagements. Check out some of the ideas these innovative couples came up with.

Portable Container Bar

For his own wedding, construction worker Kyle Cawood decided to make the most of the modified shipping container. He installed wooden flooring on the inside walls of the container so that they fold out into a beautiful seating area for guests to enjoy the view, or better yet, a dance floor! Inside is an attractive hand-built bar, capable of serving drinks to an entire wedding or engagement party. After Kyle and his Wife celebrated their wedding with their beloved container bar, other couples enquired and soon the bar was travelling to weddings around the Geelong area. Our 40ft event containers could also be used to create your own unique wedding bar.

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Photo: Glen Ferguson

The Container backdrop

Most people think that in order to reuse an old shipping container, they need to be stripped clean and built up with expensive new materials. One couple decided they loved the Shipping container just as it is! In fact, they chose to use the colourful, textured stacks of steel boxes as the backdrop for their Wedding photos. With the idea in the back of their heads for many months, they stumbled upon the old ship yard by accident one day, and knew it would be the spot for their treasured photos. The harsh, dirty containers create a rough, industrial look that juxtaposes with the soft, loving couple, creating a striking image.

bride-and-groom-wedding shipping container


A wedding photography company had a similar idea and decided to use old shipyards and the shipping containers backdrop for professional shoots on the wedding day, or for creating invitations that set the mood for the wedding. They loved drawing on the industrial, geometric tone from the containers and filtering it through the rest of their design for the wedding decorations. The company views containers as a sustainable way to create colourful, memorable photos, but also as options for rustic structures for the wedding itself. Check out a few of their ideas for creating a shipping container wedding. We can help you do the same with our large range of new and used shipping containers to hire

wedding backdrop shipping containers


shipping container wedding-backdrop


The Wedding Venue

It’s one thing to enjoy a container bar, or feature containers in your photos, but to actually get married inside a shipping container? It’s not as radical as it may sound. Many couples planning weddings have cost in mind, both for themselves and for the earth, and they seek out places such as Pop Brixton, in London. The company used an abandoned plot of land and several modified, recycled shipping containers to create a space for startups or individuals looking to hold sustainable events such as earth conscious weddings! The main space is called Pop Box that features an indoor shipping container space as well as an extendable outdoor square with a capacity for 450 guests in total! While the idea of a shipping container wedding evokes images of old, rusty, metal boxes, the containers have actually been turned into a beautiful venue. In addition to natural materials within the structure, Pop Box is fitted out with a PA system, DJ equipment, a projector and screen for films, a mixing desk, fairy lights, a stage, a banquet area, and tables and chairs for meal time.

shipping container wedding venue

Pop Box, Pop Brixton, London.

Another company, Hadley Media, modified a shipping container to create an adjunct to the wedding venue that travels to the party. The pop-up lounge is a perfect setup for brides or groomsmen to get ready for the big day, or even both groups as it can be cleverly modified to have separate rooms. The total space measures 38 by 45 feet and has seating for roughly twenty people, but this whole layout is rearrangeable. The set up is fitted out with power and water, and the open concept allows natural light to filter through.

shipping container wedding outdoor

Photo: Hadley Media

One couple decided to reminisce their first meeting in a shipping container hotel and use the venue for their big day. All of the guests stayed in their own container room at the hotel for easy access to the main event, and a more communal feeling. The hotel is built from several containers stacked in a nonuniform pattern, creating interesting angles and pathways for guests to navigate. During the actual ceremony, the groom carried his bride, carefully, down the staircases within the containers! The location made for a playful backdrop, unique photographs and an unforgettable memory of their wedding day.

If you’re interested in hiring a shipping container for your big day check out our website for more information or to make an enquiry.

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