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The strength and portability of shipping containers make them ideal for many purposes with just a little modification!

Our experienced Shipping Container Modifications team can create a customised solution for your shipping container that meets your needs, your budget and the necessary regulations. So, let your imagination run wild and contact our experienced Shipping Container Modifications team today!


The Process


Do you have a containerised idea for your country weekender? Or do you need that all-in-one portable fabrication workshop for the major project you just won? All we need is a rough sketch or even just a brief description of your project. Send us a quote request and we will have one of our experienced project managers contact you. You will be amazed of what can be achieved out of a shipping container!


We always encourage our customers to be part of the manufacturing process of their project. We can start with concept drawings and once agreed, it begins! You can come to our workshop to view the work in its stages. If you want to change something halfway through, no problem! Through careful consulting and complete control over the project, you will always be satisfied with the end result.


From the start, we will ensure the time-frame we give is the right one. One final tick of approval from the customer and we are good to deliver. We have access to tilt tray trucks, side-loaders and crane operators for the trickier jobs to ensure the shipping container is delivered to exactly the right spot. Within a matter of weeks, the idea you had in your head will be transformed into a major container masterpiece ready for use! Contact our Shipping Container Modification team today!