Shipping Container Hire Melbourne

Shipping container architecture has grown in popularity in recent years due to their cost-effectiveness, inherent strength and eco-friendliness of reusing existing materials. Going beyond recycling it’s a creative transformation of old shipping containers into anything you can possibly imagine. From offices to portable coffee shops to pop-up stores and more! Whatever you require for all your container hire Melbourne needs, you can be rest assured that you’ll find what you’re looking for at ANL Containers. No records exist of exactly how many shipping containers there are in the world but there is an abundance widely available to be reused and re-engineered to suit a variety of purposes and needs. With so many containers available, it’s important to narrow down the best shipping container hire Melbourne has to offer. 

Durability & Strength

Container architecture and construction differs from traditional means in many respects. However container building far exceeds conventional framing alternatives in terms of their durability and strength. Shipping containers are originally designed to transport heavy loads across vast oceans, making them able to endure extreme weather conditions, large loads and heavy wear and tear. The secret behind it is due to it being manufactured using a steel tube frame and corrugated Corten steel skin, creating a lighter product whilst increasing its strength and durability to the elements. The floors are made up of steel cross-members supporting the floor and a 1 ⅛” thick marine-grade plywood screwed into the cross-members. This combination not only makes the flooring of a container strong but also waterproof and vermin-proof. At ANL Containers we offer only the best container hire Melbourne services so you can focus on the business aspect of your business, and not worry about the space of it.


As property leases can costs up to 8.3% of your potential yearly revenue, a few Melbourne businesses are turning to alternative solutions rather than the traditional brick and mortar buildings. Shipping container conversions, especially container homes have grown in popularity due to the cost-effectiveness of the build. The container itself, whether it be a new or used isn’t too expensive but the costs of the container modification can set you back quite a bit. Depending on the reason and scope behind your build, the container could require additional costs such as utility connections, architect and engineer costs, electrical and fit-out, windows and doors, etc. If you’re unsure on whether your container DIY project would be feasible for your business’ budget, contact us for a obligation free quick quote on our container hire Melbourne prices today!

Coffee Club Container-Shipping Container Hire Melbourne
The Coffee Club, Brisbane Domestic Airport

Unique Spaces

Shipping containers are adaptable and can be used to create unique and innovative spaces for offices, hospitality, retail, service industries and more. Increasingly more businesses are moving towards shipping containers for temporary pop-up businesses and events. For example, The Coffee Club pioneered the first franchise container coffee store at Brisbane Domestic Airport in June 2014, stating that it would “broaden the horizon for The Coffee Club to expand into different retail markets that they previously were not involved in.” In 2012, part of Queen Victoria Market got revamped into what it’s known today as String Bean Alley. Distinguished by a row of brightly painted recycled shipping containers, it houses an eclectic mix of artisans, cafes and merchants. As permanent building structures cannot be built at the Market due to a National Trust classification, the shipping containers provided a clever solution for market vendors to take up shop on this otherwise neglected corridor of the Market. ANL Containers also provided a converted shipping container solution for usage as an event mobile merchandise for the indie music festival Yours and Owls in Wollongong. We offer only the best container hire Melbourne wide to suit all businesses needs, timeframes and budgets.

Unique Spaces-Shipping Container Hire Melbourne
String Bean Alley, Queen Victoria Market

Short-term Usage

Not all businesses require structures for long-term use. Shipping containers can be converted and used by any industry – all it takes is the technical know-how and an idea. Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of opening a food truck or cafe in Melbourne but is still unsure whether you want to do for long-term. Shipping containers make for great vessels to make your business dream come true in the thriving Melbourne CBD premises. You can hire a container for however long you require, whether it be 3 months or for a year. Construction site offices are temporary structures that building workers needs for the duration of a build. Shipping containers provide a sturdy and secure structure with enough space to house all your building site tools, materials and other construction site accessories. You can also modify your container to suit your container hire Melbourne needs by turning it into a portable toilet or shower for the comfort of your workers or a hoarding and gantry pathway for safe pedestrian passage for the time period of the construction project.  

If you have a business idea that can benefit from using a converted shipping container for your business space, give us a call on 1300 284 896 to chat more about our container hire Melbourne services.