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ANL Container Hire & Sales offers a cost-effective solution for moving house or business with Self Pack Containers.

How it worksSelf Pack Containers

  • We deliver a 20’ or 40’ shipping container for you to pack at your own pace.
  • We collect your container and use rail, ship and road transport to relocate it anywhere in Australia.
  • Upon arrival at your new place, keep the container as long as you need while you unpack. Once finished, give us a call and we will collect it.

Phone 1300284896 or request a Quick Quote to see how much you can save with our self-pack moving containers option.

Are you moving to the other side of the city or interstate? Do you need somewhere to store your gear in between houses? Does your business need some emergency storage units quickly!

Self Pack Containers from ANL Container Hire & Sales are a cost-effective solution for storage and relocation. Just work out the size you require, pack the contents, and we will deliver your goods safely where they need to go.

Shipping Container Dimensions

Our self-pack moving containers are 20ft or 40ft Storage Containers, which are available for hire. As a rule of thumb, furniture from an average three-bedroom house will fit into a 20ft storage container.
The approximate specifications are listed in the table below (they do vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer).

Advice for Self Packing

  • Mark all the boxes so you know where to put them at the other end.
  • Think about the order in which you need to pack to maximise your space. Take into account that once your container arrives at its destination you may need to unload certain items first.
  • Pack the container as tightly as possible to limit the chance of movement or damage while in transit.
  • Use old blankets, bubble wrap and foam to protect glassware, TVs and other fragile contents.
  • Flammable items are prohibited. Ensure that any fuel or oil has been drained from items such as lawnmowers and chainsaws.
  • If you are moving to Western Australia or Tasmania, you will need to complete a Quarantine declaration form. You will also need to clean your goods so they are free of mud, dirt and grass. Pay special attention to garden tools and lawn mowers.

Container Delivery

A tilt tray truck or side loader will deliver your self-pack moving container to the final destination – see Delivery for more details.

Please keep in mind that we are unable to deliver containers that are to be placed on the road or nature strip without written consent from the relevant authorities. Otherwise, they need to be placed on your private property.

Terms and Conditions

To read the full terms and conditions, please download a copy of our Self-Pack Agreement.