Road Expansion Project | Dangerous Goods Containers

Dangerous Goods ContainersLate last year, ANL Container Hire & Sales was engaged to supply site storage containers and dangerous goods containers to a high profile road construction project in Brisbane.  This led to further discussions about the supply of specialised containers.

The client had a need to utilise barges for a large portion of the work due to the site adjoining the Brisbane River and to minimise traffic congestion. This then presented them issues with the handling and storage of material excavated from the site.  Following discussion and trials, a solution was arrived at through the use of 20’ half height open top containers.  Empty dangerous goods containers are loaded on to barges and filled with Dredging material (mud, sludge etc.).  When all containers are full the barge is unloaded and re-loaded with empty containers, allowing the full ones to be trucked to landfill for tipping and disposal whilst the barge continues working. This solution keeps the barges and machinery working and also provides containment of the dredging’s to enable the client to meet its environmental obligations.