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ANL Container Hire & Sales specialises in a broad range of refrigerated containers for sale or hire. The Reefer Container is available in various sizes to suit different purposes.
Refrigerated container, reefer containerRefrigerated container – or "Reefer container" as they are known in the industry – are used for product where temperature control is important.

A Reefer container has an operating temperature of -25ºC to +25ºC, and they are designed to maintain the temperature of the product inside. For example, product at room or ambient temperature should not be loaded if it is to be stored at -20ºC. The product should be brought down to its storage temperature before it is loaded. The reefer will then maintain the temperature.

The internal walls of a reefer container consist of 75mm of polyurethane foam covered with a stainless steel external shell. The base features an aluminium T-bar flooring system, which allows air to flow around the product.

Non-Operating Reefer

NOR (non-operating reefer) containers are reefers that do not have an operating refrigeration unit. They have slightly smaller internal dimensions than a standard shipping container but are highly sought after for their temperature insulation properties.

Features of A Reefer Container

  • Self-modulating temperature range of -25ºC to +25ºC
  • Single-phase or three-phase power options
  • Easy door options
  • Aluminium T-bar floors
  • Stainless steel walls

Uses for A Reefer Container

Many industries use refrigerated shipping containers for food and beverage manufacture and storage. These include:

  • Wine makers
  • Vegetable and produce growers
  • Fish mongers
  • Farmers
  • Caterers
  • Festivals and public event organisers
  • Find out more about Reefer Cargo.

Reefer Servicing and Maintenance

A regular three-monthly inspection/service is recommended for all refrigerated shipping containers to ensure the continuing efficient and reliable operation of the equipment. Items that are inspected during a service are: motors, fans, electronic calibration, defrost operation and gas level. We can arrange to establish a routine servicing agreement with our refrigeration engineer. Please contact us so we can provide you with a quote for costs.

Coil Maintenance

Hose down or air-clean the condenser bi-monthly to clean the fins. Failure to clean will reduce performance, increase power use and eventually lead to failure.

Discuss your reefer requirements with the friendly team at ANL Container Hire & Sales on 1300284896 or make an online enquiry.