Portable Locker Room Containers



ANL Containers Hire & Sales was recently contracted to create portable locker room containers for a large gold mining company with operations around Kalgoorlie, Western Austalia. The company had a fly-in, fly-out workforce that required a locker room facility to temporarily store travel bags and gear during shift hours.

Shipping container Portable locker room  Portable locker room Shipping container

Portable locker room Shipping container

Our expert team of specialists liaised with the gold mining company and produced a plan for converting three 40-foot high cube containers into locker rooms. In each container, 114 individual lockers were installed by our staff, and each container fitted with air conditioning and electrical lighting. The container doors were removed and roller doors fitted to allow easy access and to ensure complete security. Finally, the containers were painted to the customer’s specifications.

By using modified containers, the mining company had a ready resource which could be transported between sites, depending upon the demand. The staff were able to go to work with the assurance that their personal belongings were safe whilst they completed their shift.

And ANL Container Hire & Sales has another satisfied customer.