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Shipping Container AccommodationShipping Container Accommodation conversions are now seen as an ideal way to build eco-friendly homes. With modern architecture exploring alternative methods and structures, forward-thinking people are recycling these corrugated steel containers into new homes and additions. Some cutting-edge shipping container accommodation conversions use solar power, water harvesting, or other green methods to provide utilities. In addition, due to their superior strength, they are storm and cyclone-proof.

Tips for great Shipping Container Accommodation

  • Check with your local council to discover whether your container conversion will have restrictions on materials, setback or positioning.
  • Work out whether you will be able to easily connect utilities such as power and water and obtain the necessary permits.
  • Submit blueprints or architectural plans to your local council showing the building design and schematics.
  • Organise a concrete pad to be poured on your property before the container is delivered.

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