Next Step: A Modified Shipping Container Shop

You have heard of shipping container homes, now we introduce you to the innovative notion of a container pop-up shop. Likewise with homes, offices, rigging lofts, weekend accommodation and more, a shipping container shop is significantly cheaper than building from scratch, is environmentally friendly and is portable.

Calling All Entrepreneurs

To take some financial weight off your shoulders as a business owner, shipping container modification is a chic alternative to renting or building a new space for your commerce. Not only will your shop be a standout against all the competition with its unique design, your customers will be drawn to your aesthetic and vibe, whether it be dapper or rustic.


A shipping container cafe is where coffee meet industrial sophistication, what could be more perfect?

shipping container shop

Not only is it a great idea if you are starting a business, it can also be a meaningful addition to your current business. Let us illuminate the possibilities: do you your employees have to go out to do coffee runs? Do you have enough space on your property for a shipping container? Well then, why not bring the coffee to the people? By investing into a shipping container shop styled cafe, you will be fulfilling a need in your workplace (coffee!) and it doesn’t even need to require the labour on your part. You can always rent the portable cafe out to a barista or two so you both get a win, and most importantly, you get the coffee.


shipping container shop

A shipping container bar has the look of the ideal nightlife go-to. Being portable also means that you will easily be able to move your bar around, say if you are part of a festival. Convenience and opportunity are just around the corner with your extraordinary bar.

There are a range of pop-up container bar concepts that we have explored in some more detail so you can gauge a broader picture of what your space could be like.


shipping container shop

Similar to a cafe, a container bakery can provide an industrial environment, with touches of whatever decor and style suits your company, leaving your customers with a relaxed spot to wind down and enjoy coffee and treats.

Juice Bar

shipping container shop

We think that fresh cold juice being served from a container juice bar just has a certain charm about it. With the rise of popularity in juice cleanses, the juice and smoothie industry is in demand and it’s always helpful to stand out with a stunning shipping container shop.

Ice Cream Parlour

shipping container shop

With ice cream parlours dating back to 17th century France, it is progressive to see that some are now being housed in shipping containers. Nonetheless, shipping container ice cream parlours have started opening and we are loving the modern look.


shipping container shop

What kind of restaurant could stand out as more hip and trendy than a shipping container restaurant? The urban, rustic looking structure can come across as avant-garde, creating interest and appeal among customers. As long as your menu is also incredible, this is sure to be a showstopper.

Check out our top five favourite shipping container restaurant picks for some inspiration.


shipping container shop

Alongside cafes, bars, bakeries, restaurants and more, a shipping container can also be modified into a canteen to fit your needs functionally and aesthetically. For example, you can provide the perfect hub at sports matches with a quirky setup and great refreshments.


shipping container shop

Hospitality aside, shipping containers can also be retail-friendly. A gorgeous container boutique can both house and speak volumes about your company culture, putting forward a minimalist and progressive demeanour with a sleek look, or maybe loud and friendly qualities with colourful features. Let your shipping container shop do the talking.


shipping container shop

Looking to start a salon? With nearly 1 million people running businesses from home, you could be maintaining a dedicated work space within a container salon that can go on your own property.

While many beauty professionals work in a standard salon, it is also very popular to be working from home, so this can be a creative layout if you are worried about the costs of building an extension to your home for your business, or if you just want something more unique.

Ticket Box

shipping container shop

Using a shipping container as a ticket box is genius. There is plenty of space inside for a simple office setup making it comfortable for employees, while the outside look is absolute industrial chic. A fun colour coat can make it more visually appealing, and perfectly appropriate for theme parks, fetes, outdoor cinemas and more – you’re only limited by your imagination.

So, What’s Your Shipping Container Shop Idea?

No matter what kind of shop you want to set up, we can help make it happen. Not only are they cheaper and portable, a shipping container shop can even be built as a permanent structures if that’s what you want.

If you have an event coming up and you need to hire a container, we are also experts in shipping container events and are happy to have a chat with you about your inquiries.

Our experienced team of container specialists here at ANL Containers can design, modify and add accessories to your shipping container at any of our national storage facilities located in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Darwin.

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