Event Mobile Merchandise Container | Converted Shipping Container

Set in Wollongong’s Stuart Park is the indie festival Yours & Owls. Given the location, event coordinators of Yours & Owls required the use of a mobile merchandise shop, seeking a converted shipping container from ANL Container Hire & Sales.

The converted shipping container was fitted with two-tier shelving and a gas strut awning. The addition of the gas strut awning allowed for maximised window space for the benefit of merchandise sales, whilst also increasing customer convenience and accessibility to view merchandise on offer. The shelving was fitted along the inside of the container so it could be used for cash registers and storage of merchandise. Locking bars were also fitted on the awning window to ensure complete safety for staff and customers alike.

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By utilising a modified shipping container, the merchandise shop was conveniently transportable, due to ease of mobility, in turn, allowing for simple transfers to other music festivals and events across NSW.

If you have mobility requirement for a merchandise shop that a converted shipping container can provide, then contact ANL Container Hire & Sales to see how we can help modify a shipping container to suit your needs.