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Flat Racks & Bolster Shipping ContainersANL Container Hire and Sales stocks a large range of Flat Racks & Bolster Shipping Containers.

A flat rack has no side walls and some even have no end walls. They consist solely of a floor structure with extremely high-loading capacity. This makes it possible to carry heavy weights on a relatively small area. They are perfect for the storage and transportation of very heavy or odd-sized equipment.

ANL Container Hire and Sales sells Flat Racks & Bolster Shipping Containers featuring very high load ratings. They are available in a range of models including collapsible ends, fixed ends and no ends. Customers can purchase stackable flat rack containers or models fitted out with timber and steel floors.

Uses for Flat Racks & Bolster Shipping Containers

  • heavy cargo
  • odd-sized or shaped cargo
  • machinery transport
  • bridges

Bolster shipping containers are similar to flat-rack containers but they do not have side or end walls. They can be very useful for carrying items that need support but will not be damaged when open to the elements. Lashing rings for cargo securements are installed along the inside rails.

Quality Control

Before sale or hire, all Flat Racks & Bolster Shipping Containers are scrutinised for quality of construction and correct dimensions.

For advice on buying Flat Racks & Bolster Shipping Containers to benefit your business, contact the friendly team at ANL Container Hire & Sales on 1300284896 or make an online enquiry.