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Dangerous Goods Shipping ContainersDo you need a secure container to store dangerous goods on your business premises? Have you considered buying a shipping container?

ANL Container Hire & Sales manufactures dangerous goods shipping containers that comply with Australian Standards AS 1940-2004 (storage and handling of flammable and combustible liquids). These containers are used for the static storage of Class 3 Hazardous Goods.

Our dangerous goods shipping containers have many features including:

  • an emergency exit door
  • litre bund capacity (1500 for 10ft) (3000 for 20ft) (6000 for 40ft)
  • oversized ventilation areas
  • a tap for removing spills
  • removable expanded mesh floor.

We stock a range of these dangerous goods shipping containers for sale or hire.

Manufacturing Dangerous Goods SHIPPING Containers

We select a premium-quality container to start the manufacturing process. A floor structure is welded to the base of the container using 3mm RHS (rectangular hollow section) steel. This forms support for the bund, which will contain accidental spillages. We then cover the floor structure with a fully welded and framed industrial expanded mesh flooring system. The mesh floor is fully removable enabling the use of absorption matting or the washing out of the bund in the instance of a spillage. We weld a tap into the bund wall conveniently located near the doors for removing spills. We add vents (exceeding the minimum standards requirement), remove the locking rods and manufacture the emergency exit system. After all welding and steel fabrication has been completed, the welds are primed and the whole container is undercoated. The container is then finished with several coats of high quality paint.

We believe the simple design and stringent manufacturing process will provide you with many years of hassle-free use of your dangerous goods container.

For more information on the range of dangerous goods shipping containers for sale or hire at ANL Container Hire & Sales, phone 1300284896 or make an online enquiry.