Top Shipping Container Restaurants Around the World

Shipping containers have been used in the past for a variety of purposes other than just storage space. One of the most unique uses of a traditional shipping container is the creation of shipping container restaurants. There are multiple countries around the world who use shipping containers to set up individual restaurants. Whether those restaurants are for a pop-up temporary use or long term, investing in a shipping container for your restaurant could be exactly what you need if you want to be competitive.

We had a look at a range of diverse shipping container restaurants that can be found around the world and here are our top 5 favourites to share:

El Ray Taqueria, Washington DC, USA.

Container Restaurants - El Ray Taqueria

El Rey is a popular taco shop that is formed out of recycled shipping containers. Its bright colours are in line with the Mexican theme of the restaurant. The event shipping containers used for this restaurant cater for and hold around 200 people.
The idea was first thought out by co-owner Eric Hilton who wanted to build a temporary summer beer garden and taco shop to which he was inspired by recycled building material he previously saw in the Caribbean. As planning progressed, however, the plan became the construction of a more permanent rather than temporary project. El Ray has now become one of the most popular container restaurants to visit where its most popular ordered items are taco’s and tequila, derived from the original idea.

Thai Container Restaurant, Canterbury, New Zealand.

Container Restaurants - Thai Container Restaurent

This award-winning pop-up restaurant provides Thai food in a Kiwi food trucks style caravan. Pad Thai, Masaman Curris, Tom Kha and other Thai treats are among what you can expect to find on their menu.
This restaurant has quickly become a local go-to and a favourite among locals and visitors with its unique set up. With the serving window on wheels that gives the food truck feel, its more permanent location is set up in a former shipping container transformed into a restaurant. Its overall design and paint on the container gives off a relaxed vibe, a place ideal for you to relax and enjoy some Thai cuisine.

The Container Restaurant, Durango, Colorado.

Container Restaurants - The Container Restaurent

The Container Restaurant is built from recycled shipping containers – repurposed and stacked on top of each other. This restaurant serves local food and craft beers from taps that are installed inside the shipping container. It has an upper level, and provides views of the brewery and its shiny beer tanks. The co-owner of this restaurant, Matt Vincent, mentioned that he has always been interested in doing something creative with shipping containers to which he had also noticed it was being incorporated into construction projects.
The Container Restaurant has a key focus on sustainability with the incorporation of solar tubes to light up the warehouse, recycled denim used for insulation and old bowling lanes as tables. Therefore, the idea of incorporating shipping containers in its structure, was just another way of adding to their sustainable practice and reducing their footprint.

Del Popolo Pizza Truck, San Francisco, USA.

Container Restaurants - Del Popolo Pizza Truck

The Del Popolo Pizza Truck consists of a transatlantic shipping container that is placed on the back of an old Freightliner M2 truck that drives down the streets of San Francisco, providing delectable thin crust pizza to the public. What’s better than travelling wood fired oven pizza?
The way in which a shipping container was transformed to create this restaurant was definitely clever, making it stand out from the crowd. The idea of this design stemmed from the owner not being able to find a place to build a bricks and mortar restaurant so this idea came into mind. One side of the shipping container is built completely of windows so customers can take a glimpse into the pizza preparation and production process. There were various obstacles in making this container restaurant come to life including making sure the oven and container restaurant itself met several requirements including weight. After all that hard work, it paid off in the end and now stands as one of the possible many moving shipping container restaurants, but this one specifically, we all know as the Del Popolo Pizza Truck, translated as pizza ‘of the people’ in Italian.

Wahaca Mexican Restaurant, Southbank, London.  

Container Restaurants - Wahaca Mexican Restaurant

The Wahaca Mexican Restaurant is a pop up restaurant, made up of recycled shipping containers. It is constructed from eight shipping containers that is stacked with a glassed-in atrium at the centre. Not to mention, a tequila bar on the top floor of this shipping container you’re sure to check out and enjoy.

This shipping container restaurant is another example of one with a sustainable and environment friendly focus with the construction of this one to add to that. This restaurant has sought to be a climate leader in the industry challenging themselves to ensure the lowest environmental impact as possible at each site. With every new restaurant in the group, they have proposed an introduction of measures that support their sustainability mission such as the utilisation of heat energy created by fridges and freezers by heating hot water in the restaurant, installation of demand driven ventilation systems and sensor lighting, and flow controllers in all plumbing.

Now that you’ve seen some of the best creations of shipping container restaurants in the world – what’s stopping you from making yours? Be one of the first to get onto this shipping container trend; it’s unique, and will definitely add to the allure of your restaurant alongside your menu!

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