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ANL Container Hire & Sales will help you select the best new or used shipping container to hire. We can also provide you with expert advice on situations when hiring a container makes sense.

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When Does Hiring a Container Make Sense?

ANL Container Hire & Sales understands that not everyone needs their shipping containers for long-term use. For customers with short-term needs, shipping container hire can be a smarter option. For instance:

  • a one-off import or export for small businesses
  • storing furniture while moving house
  • storing construction equipment while building a house
  • storing a car restoration project.

Shipping container hire with ANL Container Hire & Sales is quick and economical.

We thoroughly inspect all units before hiring them out to customers. This ensures they are in top condition to serve their required purpose and keep your stored goods safe and secure.

Hiring Containers Provides Flexibility

Shipping container hire provides our customers with plenty of flexibility. You can hire any number of units to provide storage – just for the amount of time required – and you won’t need to worry about selling the containers once they are no longer required.

Hiring Accommodates Changing Needs

If you hire a shipping container rather than buy it, you don’t get stuck with something that doesn’t exactly suit your requirements. For example, you might need a 40’ refrigerated shipping container to store goods at one point in time but later a 20′ container would better suit your needs. Simply contact ANL Container Hire & Sales and we will collect the container that no longer suits your requirements and deliver a more suitable container. All our shipping containers are available for hire for a minimum of one month, and you can keep it for as long as you require it.

Self-Pack Moving Container Hire

ANL Container Hire & Sales provides self-pack moving containers as a cost-effective solution for storage and relocation. Just work out the size you require, pack the contents correctly, and we will deliver your goods safely where they need to go. We hire 20′ or 40′ shipping containers for self-pack removals. A 20′ unit will store the furniture from an average three-bedroom house.

For more advice on shipping container hire, speak to the friendly team at ANL Container Hire & Sales on 1300284896 or make an online enquiry.