Shipping Container Conversions – Mobile Gymnasium

Shipping Container Conversions - Mobile Gymnasium


At ANL Containers, we receive a lot of creative requests for Shipping Container Conversions – one of the most recent was a request to convert a shipping container into a gymnasium. This shipping container (or mobile gymnasium) was built for a client of ours in the mining industry doing work in the Australian Outback.

Due to particular limitations, organisations working within the mining industry cannot build permanent structures. In instances like these, shipping containers become a practical solution to making temporary structures due to their durability and portability. To create this mobile gymnasium, we stripped out a general purpose container and fitted it out with air conditioning, insulation, a shelf, electricity, lights, and a specialised collapsible A frame for a punching bag.

Our team worked closely with Container Gyms in making sure that all supports were strong and to ensure the fittings could withstand the rough conditions of the Australian outback for the mining industry. ANL Container Hire and Sales provide shipping container conversions that can meet your needs, budget and the necessary regulations.